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Football, the kind where you actually use your foot, is the biggest sport in the world and the British premiership is one of the biggest leagues in football.

Portsmouth FC, Pompey to their fans, is a Premiership team. 
When I finished this dready art design for them, I smiled, it made me happy just looking at it, it had a real feel good vibe … the kind of vibe that Portsmouth fans, the Blue Army, have when they’re cheering for their team … but also because since I did the art for the Freedom of Information campaign, dready has been making this transformation from a West Indian cliche character, to just a character, to an everyman; the portsmouth art is the culmination of that transformation. 
Dready-Portsmouth FC designs are launching in December at the Pompey children’s charity Christmas party … I’m looking forward to this, to dready at portsmouth and to the things that we will do together.
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