character study

Dready, Dready Art and Everything Dready lockingtoncreating caricatures is about finding that distinctive peculiarity with which to portray someone …

when you’re using dready art, which already has its own distinctive look and the added feature of its characters being both faceless and 2 dimensional you really have to think outside the box to find that representation …
there is a huge plus side to this, and it is that you invite the viewer’s imagination to come into the art with you; you give him or her a hint and let their comic mind take over.
I think this is one of the aspects of dready art that people attach to; like reading a book they’re asked to participate in the art … and that participation makes them smile.
In the attached image I used all sorts of characters, animals and other images to get the ‘idea’ of 17 people involved across.
I fell in love with the Kangaroo on the far left and created an image of his own for him.
dready’s fire burning on the dance floor!
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