the deep blue sea

Dready, Dready Art and Everything Dready octopusart2

There was a boat gracing the horizon of dready’s view and she was beautiful …

dig I’m not a seafaring guy … in good yard man fashion my father never learnt to swim till he was 40 and my grandfather’s favourite form of transport was a mule (well a mule and a Jaguar motor car!) … sure, I been to sea, I fished the straits of Juan de Fuca and the deep Caribbean sea, dived off negril and snorkeled off george town, I worked on boats while they sat on dry land and while they went to sea … but dready’s really a beach bwoy, a dry land tour-ist.
All that said this boat was plain beautiful and so I felt compelled to capture it in that way that I like to …
Ah Oy!
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