friends in administration!

Dready, Dready Art and Everything Dreadyi’ve been following portsmouth football club …

portsmouth went into voluntary administration on friday to avoid being forced into liquidation by what would seem to be a rather petulant ‘her majesty’s government’.

I like portsmouth, they like dready, I like dready, you like dready, you should like portsmouth … in some form of happily twisted semi logic.
the attached image is one of two that i created just for portsmouth; very cool, very fun, very dready. The other one is somewhere below in the plethora of dready-ful thought and wonder-full imagery.
take the time, go to keep up with them, follow their football, follow their news, cheer them on, it’s nice to root for the underdog! I’m rooting for them.
live strong!
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