back in the business …

Dready, Dready Art and Everything Dready dready%2Bsurfer%2Bfor%2BCCCthe very first dready t-shirts came out for Crop Over 2006, august, in Barbados as a promotional t’ing … a get behind the big truck thing with people wearing the shirt and dancing and t’ing!

that was followed with shirts for sale in Barbados, Grenada, Cayman and soooooooon after, Jamaica all in 2007.

we launched with only our balls and our chat, ya know, cause we had no big money we just kinda went for it to see where it would take us …
and …
and see us, we still here!
a few little ups and downs have gotten in the way; the global financial crisis had already been proceeded by earlier declines as people ran out of money in the 2 years before, because or rising costs of food and gas.
but dready be nimble and simply concentrated on original art, prints and PR … dready evolved and flourished all at the same time blew the original concept out of the water so far and fast that it made my head spin
the original art and the notoriety of his dreadyness flourished … a whole new vision of dready as art, as a signature style and not just a character bloomed.
but Tshirt sales wilted … we hadn’t sold a tourist related Tshirt in about 2 years till this, this now and here and dready for caribbean canvas company.
caribbean canvas company is a cool idea, driven by the mind of a guy named hugh treadwell; it’s a big vision, a quality lifestyle clothing company with the ability to be a regional and then global brand.
we still here bigger and badder than before …
big up!
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