Things that exist only in dready’s fading memory

way down in the list of dready ness on these pages is the original version of this cayman panorama which started with 5 buildings I think … I’d have to go look and see, as memory fails me; which brings me to the actual name of this which is, ‘things that exist only in my fading memory’!

i or at least my father lived in cayman when i was a mere yute of a dreadyness and there are things that have stuck in my memory from then; the old courthouse, which is now the national museum, and my then step grandfather, the chief justice, standing at the top of the steps in his gown and wig … that is the building in the middle with the red roof.

next to it is Dr Roy’s house … the road from South Sound used to jog around this house so it is ingrained in most people’s memory. The drive-in Cinema that used to be in Bodden Town is blue-ish and further to the right … my sister remembers seeing ‘Ring of Bright Water’ there and how I cried … I thought we’d seen that at Harbour View in Jamaica, but I do remember ‘Von Ryan’s Express’

there are other things, less old, less to do with memories and some down-right new … some things that I couldn’t find good images of to re-render them, to refresh the memories … the Beach Club in 1973, Hampstead Ltd’s office in Town, the Merren Shop next door, Miss Annie Huldah Bodden’s place in South Sound which I remember as low, long roofed; very shaded and pretty close on to the side of the road in South Sound … but memory fades so I don’t know what’s true in the passage of time …

walk good!

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