One Sunday at Tulloch …

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before i was dready, when i was a yute, ricky and i used to come to this fording, on a farm round the corner, and swim and look for freshwater shrimps and play the games small bwoys play …

when i was a bigger yute i used to come here and near here and cut grass for auntie’s horses.

and when i was a grown bwoy, and i was lucky, i got to come here and meet up with peoples on a sunday and we’d drink and eat and chat and hang with our toes in the water and our head in the clouds.
not enough times i might add … ’cause it’s a cool cool place and cool cool people, whom i love, meet there to hang.

now my children go there.

and so working on this dready … and it ain’t finished yet as of this iteration … has been a great deal of pleasure.

live, love, life

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