in the days before dready …

Dready, Dready Art and Everything Dready SilverWheatonoriginal2

                     Silver Wheaton/Vancouver Skyline – Original on canvas 60×18

in the days before dready, when the man was just a bwoy of 13, he followed his grandparents from jamaica to the great white north, to vancouver island, to where they emigrated … to where they escaped really.

he would go to vancouver on the ferry to play school sports against other boys; to the very point grey from whence this view of vancouver is taken … ubc is out on point grey and so is wreck beach, a nude beach … boys find nude beaches.

later his mother moved to vancouver and he having left the great white north for the wilds of belize and other places would return on holiday to visit her. he has sat many times on jericho beach and looked at this skyline.

days gone by!

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