yute-ful memories …

Dready, Dready Art and Everything Dready

                               Ponderosa – Original on Canvas 40×14

i have a first cousin who is the same age as me and when we were small small yutes he moved to a liccle farm just outside of kingston … dairy cows and horses and orange trees and bullfrogs the size of cats!

and in those days the trains still ran and we would leap out of bed in the early morning, with the mist and the dew still on the grass, and dash down the hill from the house to watch the train rattle by …

we’ve spent a lot of time together through the years but i will always remember us watching the trains in the morning mist and the dew wet grass on the hill at ponderosa … and so here we have that, because when we sat in the grass and looked back up the hill, this was the view of the house; a nice piece of dready art about memories of stuff and t’ings.


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