the 2nd side of the story … dready art of Jakes, Jamaica

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                                  Jakes, Tresure Beach – Very Limited Edition Print (#of 15) 7 foot long

before i was even a bwoy, before i was a glint in my fathers eye, at the end of the 50’s, the south coast villages of st elizabeth and westmorland, like little bay, bluefields, treasure beach, whitehouse, were places where Jamaicans got away to – the north coast was already developing its persona of kinda for tourists.

development escaped it: the experiences were those of tranquility and commune and family and nature …

and this place, jakes village, grew up amongst the vestiges of that and retains the feelings and the emotions and it’s cool and vibrant and wild and interesting and i wanted to capture that in a piece of art because it reminds me of the jamaica i grew up in.

And so this is the dready of that …


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