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                       Over and Under – Original on Canvas 26×26

so, a couple, young and making their lives together, who live in chicago, wanted to commission a piece of dready art about cayman and the times they’ve spent here.

it is their 2nd piece of dready art.

and here it is … simple and cool … over and under.

i like living in cayman.

even if we don’t consider the time I spent here as a yute – i have now been here twice as long as anywhere else i have lived (and there been a few) – Belize don’t count ’cause I visited my father there every year for 22 years but is not the same as living in a place, zeeeen; jamaica don’t count ’cause I was gone by 13 (gone to boarding school at 9), even though my mummy was still there.

and people that come here tend to like it too: is a comfortable, progressive, easy place, all the beauty in the world looking out to sea; modern, friendly, inclusive – hell of a lifestyle – all that and still a little piece of the caribbean; which is good for an island bwoy.

is my home.



About Dready

Dready art is a 100% caribbean product: it was imagined here, designed here, tested here – in barbados, bvi, cayman, grenada and jamaica – we live here and are from here, our children were born here, I draw it here (mostly, cause sometimes I draw it when I’m traveling!). So despite what has become the kind of global reach of dready art we try to think of ourselves as a little caribbean company just doing our thing.

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