the simplest of things …

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                    Dready Skater Girl – Limited Edition Print 24×24

the simplest of things can inspire you when you’re doing a piece of art, in this case it was the girl’s body position – something very cool about it.

used to love skateboarding down the road as a yute and every now and again I do it still (imagine that), but this island where i live is flat like a pancake, the highest point is the garbage dump … there’s a great skate park but it’s way beyond my skill set.

I want room to roam, ya know; is like riding a horse in a ring, cool enough but it’s so much nicer on a trail – the last time i skateboarded was in the high-rise car park … not scenic, not very nice.

anyhow, she looked real cool and free and having fun and so i drew her and because it reminded me of all that …


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