in wimbledon …

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                      Wimbledon – Original Tryptich on canvas 24×20                    

the remit for this dready was a busy london, a quiet cayman beach and wimbledon … and tie them together somehow.

and they had to fit a 14 foot wall without the cost of 14 foot of art!

oooh and they had to have a blue vespa and they had to have a dready chicken!

so the idea was a triptych of 3 separate pieces making up the one piece so you could spread them out a ‘liccle’ bit across the 14 foot wall and still consider it a single image.

I been to wimbledon, not the tennis, the place, the ‘common’ – cyant remember why … probably something to do with charlie who lives near-ish by.

so cool for me was that this piece of dready art lead directly to the development of an even larger London background and to another piece of art completely … the bowler hatted man, with his bare feet and a goat that’s below in the blog. And the two tennis players … love them, they’re cool… and the girl casually leaning on the vespa …


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