Lyrics Degree … Dready Vespa with people …

Dready, Dready Art and Everything Dready dready%2Bart%2Bvespa%2Bfront%2Bview2

                       Dready Lyrics Degree – 44×11 Limited Edition Print

i wanted to draw another version of a classic Vespa, from the front this time; is just a t’ing, something swirling around inside my head.

then i had an idea of how to populate the scene with a long legged girl, leaning against the bike and a doood … in a moment.

in this neck of the woods, the world from which I come, when you can chat or chat up is said that you have a ‘lyrics degree’, you can give the girl them lyrics or give the bwoy them message … so doood is chatting to a girl, and she, leaning on a Vespa, is chatting to him, her body position is open, he’s relaxed and the dog, the dog looks on …

i wanted length in the image and I wanted simplicity … a ray of sunlight through the trees of my mind filters through and illuminates 3 flowers; I like those flowers and they kinda represent the nature that is not in the image because all that grayness represents the city (and makes the colours of the important things pop!)


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