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Dready, Dready Art and Everything Dready new2Byork2Bskyline2B54x14

                    New York Skyline – 54×14 Very Limited Edition print (# of 25)

we are not all conscience, don’t get me wrong, but art and charity seem to go together – tangible little tokens that people can take home in exchange for a donation.

dready has chosen though, not to wait to be asked, but, to actively think about things, or people that have a distinct meaning to us – things that involve children and the environment, both are our future.

above is a new york skyline that made up part of an original commission for a family whose charitable focus was children’s tumor foundation; and so every skyline sold, no matter where or to whom, donates to the tumor foundation.

Dready, Dready Art and Everything Dready 1 lionfish2B24x24

                  Lionfish – 24×24 unlimited edition

Every dready lionfish sold donates 200$ to the Central Caribbean Marine Institute – CCMI, located in Little Cayman, is a facility for studying the environment of the central caribbean – ‘one one cocoa fill basket’ and so on the back of this little piece of very cool art, dreadys time, some artwork services we have managed to donate the value of over 15,000$ in the last 3 years. Is a drop in the ocean, so to speak, but is a thing!

we’re off next week to begin an adventure with The Jamaica Environmental Trust – JET, is an activist/action and lobbying group deeply interested in protecting the Jamaican environment … they have an uphill battle.

Dready, Dready Art and Everything Dready dready2Btuk2Btuk2Bfront2Bview2B24x24

                    Tuk Tuk 2 – 24×24 Limited Edition Print

one of JET’s projects is the saving of goat island, a fragile little slice of uninhabited ecosystem, so, last month dready set aside 3 pieces of art, with a possible 2 more to follow, all featuring goats, that would, when sold, no matter where, donate a portion of dollars to JET.

these are the continuing little gifts, simple, easy giving … if you’re interested all you have to do is buy, the rest takes care of itself.

peace and love


About Dready

Dready art is a 100% caribbean product: it was imagined here, designed here, tested here – in barbados, bvi, cayman, grenada and jamaica – we live here and are from here, our children were born here, I draw it here (mostly, cause sometimes I draw it when I’m traveling!). So despite what has become the kind of global reach of dready art we try to think of ourselves as a little caribbean company just doing our thing.

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