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Dready, Dready Art and Everything Dready DB62Bwith2BBond

                      dready db5 with bond – 40×14

mark said … “A deep vein of Jamaican nostalgia here Shane. Currently reading “Goldeneye” about Fleming in Jamaica…. he put a lot of himself into the books.” 

there’s nostalgia everywhere in the work that i do, but it wasn’t strictly nostalgia that got me drawing bond and the db: i had a project that required him, he was asked for …

nostalgia came through in the drawing of it though, especially as I moved him from a place in the project to a place of his own –

january 1962 principle filming on Dr. No, started in Jamaica, the first of many bonds to come …

ian fleming wrote the novels, all of them, in jamaica … if you go to his house, goldeneye, now a hotel, you can see the scenery of the novels everywhere.

Dready, Dready Art and Everything Dready dready2BBond2Bwith2BDB6

i was at goldeneye just last month, we went for a wander around – well truthfully i went for a lie down ’cause i had chikungunya, the others walked around; but i’ve been several times – is a gorgeous lovely property in itself and a gorgeous lovely hotel as well.

so, with nostalgia firmly in mind, i drew bond with his db6 and the goat of ancient memory, as i am want to do of recent – a nod to bond’s jamaican-ness …

and then, in version 2, I took it another step and replaced bond with dready on the hood of the car … the goat remained …


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