dready of tryall golf course

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               dready s ‘tryall, 8th fairway’ 5ftx2ft – original (working on)
we spent a hot morning photographing a house called bumpers nest and then trying to find the right view and approaches to it from the rest of tryall … 
and this view, this approach, up the 8th fairway was just lovely.
if you know the house is there, at the top of the hill in the background, you can just make it out … 
there was no one else out, the day was quiet and hot, and we walked from the ‘great house’ down the back stairs and on to the fairway past the tee; strolled up to the green and past the tufts of purple sea grass, to the rise behind it near the next tee … we paused here, then took a sharp left and cut back, down some old stone steps, along another fairway with a sweeping view between the trees and the gully … pimento and palms, a cut stone bridgehead spanned by steel … back up to the great house … beautiful.
for the purpose of full disclosure, i took a lot of artistic license … i took out all the other houses from the view, the expanse of empty green and sky to the right is all my doing … the road does not run into the sea and there was no elephant in the rough! 
there’s a famous dude, named jonathan routh, who painted a lot fo tryall and round hill nearby … he also did a famous book of paintings called ‘the secret life of queen victoria’ – the elephant, with queen victoria on it, just to the middle left, is a nod to routh.

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