dready s working file …

Dready, Dready Art and Everything Dready Dready%2B6%2Bpanels%2Bso%2Bfar%2B2%2Bcopy

                   dready art ‘the journey’ – dunno yet!

so i’m working on a t’ing called ‘the journey’ …

the idea’s kind of an ‘instagram’ feed of two peoples journey toward one another … dunno quite how its going to end up yet ’cause it’s taking me in directions as I go, which in itself’s pretty cool.

on any given day i consume a vast quantity of information, ‘inspiration’ if you will … i journey through magazines, twitter, instagram, my phone-camera, and the plain old ordinary internet, in search of images that make me think, that inspire me and these kinda send me off on other journeys in search of looks and feels.

it was filmed commercials, for youtube, and a photo that started me on to the journey of this particular story-drawing and i’ve sucked information from all over to continue it.

and I’m having fun


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