dready … Suzie Q

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                       dready art ‘Suzie Q’ – 36×12 – image

ricky has a boat called suzie q …

look, I’m not much of a go to sea go fishin’ kinda doood; ’cause i get bored, and when you out at sea you can’t just say “well i done with dis hya flex now, mek we go bus’ a next move” ’cause you on a boat, on the ocean, there ain’t nowhere to go.

but, and i’ve said this before, down below here somewhere in these posts, I’ve had some really really nice days on suzie q … actually one of my favourite fishing days was on her little tender going around the far edge of falmouth harbour catching baby baracudas and putting then them back.

she been in dry dock for the past couple years being redone – she’s old, based off a hatteras hull design; built in key west originally and made her way somehow to Jamaica, she needed some refurbishing.

she’s close now to being back on the sea and i was looking for a boat to put into a picture.


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