dready art’s a woman in white

Dready, Dready Art and Everything Dready

                  dready art ‘woman in white’ – 20×20 – limited edition HD archival pigment print

i was working on something else, and thought that it needed a woman … it needed a relationship …

and so I started to draw her, and maybe i was in an inspired mood, maybe the scene moved me, but she evolved into something so cool to me that I had to give her her own space, and setting her there in her own space, she seemed complete as if she didn’t need a ‘relationship’ didn’t need somebody in the picture with her …

it happens some times

and I was developing this series about music and I found myself thinking of days with music at goshen and my mother … she doesn’t look like my mother, but she feels like it … the vibe, the essence permeates the picture and every time I look at it that’s what i feel like she’s doing.


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