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i spent half of most of my teenage holidays, from school, in belize – and at least one visit a year till I was a big big man …

all in all 30 years in and out, till my father died.

Although he died in Guatemala i always travelled to him through Belize, ’cause I liked to stop and see the place before going on; I liked to fly over it in the small tropic air plane, on way to flores de peten, and look down on the places i had grown in.

belize is ingrained in me …

a few hand-crank ferry’s still exist and they’re a fond memory … so when I was doing this drawing about journeys i incorporated the ferry crossing at spanish lookout into an image, but stuck a padmini taxi into it, changing the realities of the idea altogether.

in my head though is still belize.

peace my brali …

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