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                   dready ‘beach cottage’ – limited edition archival pigment print – 24.5×24.5

the things around you in a place, naturally, either enhance or detract from your levels of inspiration; i happen to live in a beautiful part of a beautiful place and i, by necessity, interact with it on a daily basis – dog walks, driving along south sound road (the drive from town to the south sound dock, especially between town and walkers road, is arguably the best drive on the island), swimming in the sea, sitting under a tree watching the sound and its people go by …

the cottage (and i’ve used some artistic license here, yo) is based on one in south sound, that originally belonged to a retired caymanian seaman and captain, that got chi chi (termites) real bad and had to be abandoned.

it was bought, moved, and refurbished, for the offices and guest house, of another south sound family – they used as much of the old house as they could, added in fresh wood where needed, but stayed true to the original, although kinda changing the aspect of it a little … it used to be a shotgun cottage; you walked up the front step onto the stoop and through the front door …

it is very cool.

it doesn’t actually sit on the beach …

the poinciana, that is just touching into the frame on the right, is actually there.

did i mention it’s very cool?



About Dready

Dready art is a 100% caribbean product: it was imagined here, designed here, tested here – in barbados, bvi, cayman, grenada and jamaica – we live here and are from here, our children were born here, I draw it here (mostly, cause sometimes I draw it when I’m traveling!). So despite what has become the kind of global reach of dready art we try to think of ourselves as a little caribbean company just doing our thing.

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