dready at the end of the journey

Dready, Dready Art and Everything Dready dready%2Bs%2Byou%252C%2Bat%2Bthe%2Bend%2Bof%2Bthe%2Broad

                    dready s ‘you, at the end of the journey’ – image

the culmination (i think) of a series I was working on called ‘the journey’ – which is, again, about two people journeying, separately, toward one another …

it had a nice vibe to it – or has, ’cause am not quite finished yet, I have a couple of additions that I feel I want to make.

dunno where this is in the end as it’s a total fabrication a mix of india and jamaica and bali and sri lanka and mexico and places in my head, like belize …


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