dready s Eros – Webster Line ship

Dready, Dready Art and Everything Dready dready2Beros2Btoo2B28X102Bcopy

                        dready s Eros – Webster Line – limited edition archival pigment print – 28×10

Dimensions: 260’ length
Gross Tonnage: 1,129 tons
Official registry number: 140038

The Yacht Honor was the very last design of the legendary Scottish naval architect, George Lennox Watson, whose earlier work included the Royal Yacht Britannia and the America’s Cup competitors including Sir Thomas Lipton’s ​Shamrock II.

She was built by Ramage & Ferguson in Leith, England for Baron de Forest.  In In 1911, Honor was sold to Baron Henri de Rothchild and was renamed EROS.

Eros was requisitioned by the French government during the Great War and remained in government service until 1924, when she was sold to J S Webster & Sons

The former luxury yacht was transformed into a freighter / passenger ship and continued in service in the West Indies well into the 1940’s.

sailin’ smooth …

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