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        Rosalie Belliveau – Webster line: limited edition archival pigment print – 28×10

Dimensions: 114’ length x 29’ beam x 10’ depth.
Gross tonnage: 230 tons.
Official registry number: 122035.

Rosalie Belliveau was built at Belliveau Cove, Nova Scotia in 1909 by C. C. LeBlanc as a three-masted wooden schooner.

After several years of trading to the West Indies, she was bought by Newfoundland owners and then sold to J. S. Webster & Sons in 1918.

She continued to trade in the West Indies for the next 8 years.

The last voyage of the Rosalie Belliveau began on November 15, 1926 when she left Kingston, Jamaica loaded with general cargo bound for the Turks Islands. The ship was reported off Jacmel, Haiti on December 7, 1926 and was never seen again.

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