dready art on a restaurant wall

Dready, Dready Art and Everything Dready icoa2B2017

                          icoa eat and drink wall 2017 – cayman islands

a little bit of dready colour to brighten up a wall …

icoa eat and drink and i go back a long way – ages ago, 10 years in fact, i did a series of Tshirts for them – ‘juicy lean’, ‘chocolate love’, ‘sweeetness’ and ‘heavycake’ …

absolutely loved the juicy lean shirt:

it came from a story told by a friend, who was staying in port antonio, jamaica, and had driven down to boston to buy jerk pork … boston is said to be the ‘home’ of jamaican jerk.

so there she was, jamaican herself, trying to explain to the jerk man that she didn’t want too much fat on the pork, and she and them just couldn’t ‘honnerstan one anodder’ –

a dreadlocks man sitting quietly by suddenly looked up and said.

‘bredderin, the lady a try to tell yu, she jus’ want de juicy lean …’


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