dready and the maserati

Dready, Dready Art and Everything Dready dready%2Bemma%2Bwants%2Bto%2Bknow%2Bwhy%2Bfinal%2Bcopy

                              dready ’emma wants to know why’ – 50×16 – original commission

some clients are old, some clients are young, some are in between, some are boys, some are girls, married, single, with or without pets, gay, straight or a mixture in between … dready has an interesting, eclectic, cool clientele

danny’s young, he’s almost done with university and he’s been wanting a personalised dready, wanted something to reflect his likes in life and something that would fill a large space in his apartment.

he likes maseratis, and he likes the dready chickens and definitely, definitely the goat, had to have the goat … and he wasn’t sure whether he liked the look of, the vibe of emma or emily, perhaps both …

vibez …

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