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                      dready ‘how to cook curry goat’ – 16×5 – limited edition HD archival pigment print

the ritz-carlton cayman cookout happens every year as the opening salvo of culinary month … it is hosted by chef eric ripert and his friends jose andres and anthony bourdain and includes some of the best chefs in the world: 5 days of culinary events …

it has both local and visiting chef elements to it, with special event days, beach barbeque and cook offs and local chef’s competing …

year before last dready did a menu drawing for the VIP guests, this year another ‘official’ drawing …
full disclosure, haven’t met the chef’s … I was sent images by the ritz marketing and the visit the cayman islands crew.

but I had this idea that here were 3 of the world’s great chef’s, at on one of their cooking panels, and they had to ask the audience how to cook curry goat … the goat himself, looks surprised to be there!

It must take a particular temperament to survive the pace of a kitchen, i mean, I can cook 1 meal for 14 people, but imagine juggling 7 main course choices and everything else for 40 people a sitting … the madness of a kitchen in full tilt … so praise due

big up …

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