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                                dready ‘souljah’ – 10×14 – limited edition HD archival pigment print

this is a sister piece to ‘the very fictitious west indian regiment’s moustaches’ which I’d drawn for a movember fund raiser in which I imagined what a cliche’d west indian/jamaican victorian soldier might look like … cool of course, he’d be like sir richard burton but with a better accent and a knowledge of the word bumbaclate!

and then i wanted to say that (and especially now in this time of rememberance) that the wars, even the european wars, have never just been about lost europeans but about soldiers from all worlds …

and more – that the whole idea of the age of ‘discovery’ was never just a european adventure, that others ‘discovered’ worlds that the europeans usurped and claimed others laid the ground work that propaganda claimed was theirs, and when the time came, others participated as sailors, as soldiers as shipsmen, shipwrights and settlers …  

souljah …

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Dready art is a 100% caribbean product: it was imagined here, designed here, tested here – in barbados, bvi, cayman, grenada and jamaica – we live here and are from here, our children were born here, I draw it here (mostly, cause sometimes I draw it when I’m traveling!). So despite what has become the kind of global reach of dready art we try to think of ourselves as a little caribbean company just doing our thing.

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