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            dready image – 12×12

so, i find myself in the midst of a project for which i have to draw about 22 individual original images and its been a very very cool challenge …

actually the whole of the last sorta 4 months have been this wonderful drawing experience (mitigated by the stress of deadlines!) …

anyhow I smuggled these two characters out of the 22 … cause I liked them

yutes …

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Dready art is a 100% caribbean product: it was imagined here, designed here, tested here – in barbados, bvi, cayman, grenada and jamaica – we live here and are from here, our children were born here, I draw it here (mostly, cause sometimes I draw it when I’m traveling!). So despite what has become the kind of global reach of dready art we try to think of ourselves as a little caribbean company just doing our thing.

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