dready rooster lays an egg

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                dready ‘the rooster lays an egg’ – original commission – 30×30 part of a triptych

like the cricket below i knew that football would have to feature in the sports series because, even now on the day after superbowl sunday, in this world real football is the king of sports.

I was reading a book about rwanda the other day, both travelogue and history of the genocide all tied up in one story that was alternately heart-warming and horrific – one paragraph about the beauty of a particular spot and the following about the slaughter of people there … the cruelty of the church, the inaction of the world, the greed of special interests … and the power of football!

a rwandan living in canada returns with a canadian friend (who will write about the tour of the country) to travel around rwanda and to take football equipment to give-away …  he had used football as a way to help children in refugee camps around east africa (from rwanda and somalia and sudan and ethiopia and kenya) in his years after avoiding the genocide …

but other things, happier things made me draw this; vicky playing football keep up in her living room, on the beach with her coach … and i asked her to take some pics of herself playing football in work clothes for project and she did, ’cause she’s cool like that and sooooo here she is …

baller …


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