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               dready ‘vancouver skyline’ – 60×18 – image

I pulled this vancouver skyline out of another dready that I had done a few years ago, for a company in vancouver, because it really is so damn pretty …

am so in love with colour of the sky … ooooooooooooh!

i thought of it today because I was signing the dready below in the blog feed called ‘family van’ and because i was talking to my mother on the phone.

see, ’cause my mother migrated to vancouver from jamaica to follow my sister and myself, who had moved to bc for school; but by the time she had moved i was just about done with school and jumping ship to run away south and get back closer to home …

so, way too much information but but but am still in love with the sky!

and and and i am working on a philadelphia skyline for someone and am trying to find the right vibe for it … and other skylines help

good night!

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