dready versions

                        dready ‘roy’s retirement’ version 1 – 40×14 – original commission

part of the process of a commission is the back and forth between the client to get the idea just right.

this was, is the first draft of an idea about retirement … it is not how the story ends, but I like this
chapter …

                       dready ‘roy’s retirement’ version 3 final art – 40×14 – original commission

and then some back and forth happens and you arrive at version 3, the final art … the basic ideas stay but the backgrounds, the stories kinda evolve.

i’ve never thought of my own ‘retirement’ in the traditional sense, and i think that most people don’t any more, they think of it as shift from doing what they’ve done for a long time to doing something else with a short adjustment break in between … i think of myself as being in a curve that is changing and evolving and so without need of finality; besides, art is not lifting bags of feed grain or digging holes and so as long as the mind is good and people find what you do interesting then there’s no need to stop …

dub versions …

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