dready in kingston

Dready, Dready Art and Everything Dready dready 2Bof 2Bskyline 2Bdrive 2B3 2B40x16 2Bcopy

                              dready art ‘skyline drive’ – 40×16 – original commission on canvas

Kingston, like Rome, is a city surrounded by 7 hills, one of them is Jack’s Hill …

and connecting Jacks Hill back to the Papine-Buff Bay road, across the spine of the hills, is Skyline Drive.

a family I know developed skyline drive and their son has fond memories of it and his wife wanted to do him something special to remember skyline drive, his m3 bmw and his dog, all the important things in a boy’s life!

looking up from the savannah to jacks hill and skyline drive is one of my favourite views … if you go up and look back down the view ain’t bad either.

Dready, Dready Art and Everything Dready skyline 2Bdrive 2Bfrom 2Blady 2Bmusgrave 2Bcopy

memories of the roads we’ve travelled.

walk good …

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