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Dready, Dready Art and Everything Dready dready 2Bversion 2Bthe 2Bgirl 2Bin 2Bthe 2Bred 2Btrousers 2Bcopy

                   dready art – ‘the girl in the red trousers’ & ‘#28’ – 46×16 and 24×24 – originals on canvas

so as you can tell from the titles, this is not the final final image; the final art is in 2 parts although I had envisioned it as one long long piece – in the end there wasn’t a wall for it and so it was broken up into two separate images.
some friends got married in morocco and this was, not from me ’cause that would be bad form, their wedding present from a group of friends …
it has been this beautifully collaborative bit of art from the outset – from the ideas at the outset to the getting of a colour balance that was a mixture of their memories and what I saw when I looked at the photographs … I’ll note that this image is not the final colours, close but not quite … 
you know i often talk about ‘building’ an image and this is very much that – for instance the view of the Atlas mountains felt very much like something I wanted to show, to draw, but it didn’t exist in the context of the other space the reception space that I wanted to show … so as if a movie scene or a photograph the art too is completely staged to be like a moment that happened by chance but which never happened at all.
funny how, as we discuss that idea, people see things in different ways, I saw the green-ness in the desert, or the potential for green-ness, at least, and thought that the ochre of summer reality wasn’t strong enough to compete with the pinks and wanted to see what Morocco looks like when the rains come, and found the lush greens and vibrant flowers I was looking for.
weddings are the best …
love …

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