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goodbye mr biggles – 30×20 inch – original commission on canvas
Dready, Dready Art and Everything Dready dready goodbye mr biggles 30x20 copy
goodbye mr biggles – 30×20 inch – original commission on canvas

many adventures were had in ‘mr biggles’, a morgan 3 wheel car, and the family, in oxford england, that owned it were retiring him for a newer model and wanted to commemorate the fun they’d had.

they’d taken mr biggles as far afield as canada and new zealand and last year they did a the scottish 500, a road loop across the north of scotland.

scotland screams adventure – anytime a brand wants to look rugged and adventurous they take their ‘thing’ to scotland to film it …

one of those famously photographed scottish spots is the white cottage at the edge of glencoe highland … the first time I looked up it I wanted to get out the car and walk to see what was up there; all the glens have that effect on you, strange, alluring … the light is always interesting, the view inviting.

and so I drew mr biggles driving with glencoe highland as the backdrop …

och aye

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