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Dready Tawle Boys – Backgammon

Tawle Boys - 40x22 - image

Tawle is an arabic word for backgammon … and i liked the play on words, eh … tall boys, ‘big man business’ … I love backgammon. i started playing when I was young; days with my mother and step-father were steeped in backgammon and scrabble and yahtzee … a

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Dready the Charles Island Boat trip

charles island boat trip - 38x17 - original commission on canvas

it was a commission for a family that lives in connecticut and likes days out on their boat … in long island sound Charles Island is one of those hang out places where people raft up or beach their boats or just use as a vague meeting up point

Dready, Dready Art and Everything Dready

Dready new vision, divers with grouper

divers with grouper 2 36x13 limited edition HD archival pigment print

There always seems to be a need for new art and new versions of old favourites and so its a continuing process of creating and adding things into the pool of whats available for different walls in different places, so as not to duplicate, to make each wall different

Dready, Dready Art and Everything Dready
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