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dready the fat pony

dready the fat pony

the whole of my mother’s side of the family, my mother completely excluded, were horsey; the men, their wives, all the children, horsey as f**k and so my grandparents house was filled with the thewell comic books about fat, indisciplined ponies and their fat ill-disciplined riders … and even

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dready … still in with the traditional

'ssup dude

so, if you don’t know by now, by reading it a few posts below, I work in two ways; the traditional stick figure dreadys where I first started out and because some things (myself included) demanded it, more evolved fully realised characters. but, ya know, still love the traditional

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dready … things that used to was

tequila made me do it 58x20

do you remember ‘the office christmas party’? in these past few pandemic years its one of those things that disappeared and may forever be ‘altered’ … a company asked me to do a drawing of the people in the office … they are a close knit group who try

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Dready … the red hills of scotland

the red hills of scotland 36x13

we were in scotland in the fall while the bracken was turning and it gave the hills a distinctive colour … one day, while out walking, she said, ‘look how red the hills look’ … kingston, jamaica, has, like rome, 7 hills, and one of them is red hills

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Dready … local-ish flavour

jessie's juice bar 24x24

Jessie’s juice is a vegetarian cafe … it has outdoor seating under the shade of shower of gold trees … if you’re cool and in camana bay you take your coffee at Jessie’s … There’s an aesthetic that I like about it … but also am interested in the

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Dready Tawle Boys – Backgammon

Tawle Boys - 40x22 - image

Tawle is an arabic word for backgammon … and i liked the play on words, eh … tall boys, ‘big man business’ … I love backgammon. i started playing when I was young; days with my mother and step-father were steeped in backgammon and scrabble and yahtzee … a

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Dready the Charles Island Boat trip

charles island boat trip - 38x17 - original commission on canvas

it was a commission for a family that lives in connecticut and likes days out on their boat … in long island sound Charles Island is one of those hang out places where people raft up or beach their boats or just use as a vague meeting up point

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Dready new vision, divers with grouper

divers with grouper 2 36x13 limited edition HD archival pigment print

There always seems to be a need for new art and new versions of old favourites and so its a continuing process of creating and adding things into the pool of whats available for different walls in different places, so as not to duplicate, to make each wall different

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dready – field hockey

dready - ‘the old gaol’ – 36×13 inch – limited edition hd archival pigment print

I’ve never played field hockey … I’ve gone to watch it a few times, my sister used to play at school and now a few male friends play here in cayman and so have been to watch twice. but I never really knew the vibe of the game, didn’t

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dready in the highlands

goodbye mr biggles – 30×20 inch – original commission on canvas

many adventures were had in ‘mr biggles’, a morgan 3 wheel car, and the family, in oxford england, that owned it were retiring him for a newer model and wanted to commemorate the fun they’d had. they’d taken mr biggles as far afield as canada and new zealand and

Dready, Dready Art and Everything Dready
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