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from the outset dready had several partners in ‘crime’ … our first customer were the Ganzee shops in Barbados and Grenada; Ganzee was very good to us doing the first shirts under license and really kicking off the whole dready merchandising thing;our friend Alison was an early dready ‘lova’ … back in the Cayman Islands we were testing images on post cards with Tortuga, Island Companies and Atlantis Submarines, where we began to learn that although all the images were fun, tourists wanted images that related specifically to their ‘experience’. 

With that in hand we followed in Jamaica with Chukka Caribbean; Chukka Caribbean was the first time dready did a specific design for somebody; we came up with a unique template size, based on the standard dready design, for Chukka Caribbean, the green dialog box, the length and width of the image were all uniquely Chukka Caribbean.
On the back of the Chukka Caribbean and Cayman shirts we started to do business in Antigua with Stingray City Antigua added another island to our portfolio.
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first art

Dready, Dready Art and Everything Dready Dready
dready started to make the foray into ‘art’ pretty much from the outset – the image on the left, ‘dog house’ was one of the earliest … the feet are round, simple, but the humor is there already, what one dready ‘lova’ called whimsy … that’s the nice thing about dready is that every time I do one it makes me smile. 

dready is digital art, but it almost always starts out as a hand drawn and coloured image or concept and is then copied and transferred to digital format, where, using illustrator I add colour, character and other dready stuff … if the final image is destined for art we create a digital watercolour or digital acrylic painting.
dready is the most fun I can have with my clothes on.
peace and love

dready beginnings

Dready, Dready Art and Everything Dready bashment+green+blog

dready started out very simply. It was dready characters on coloured backgrounds … often just off white … very faux primitive – I say faux because I’m not a primitive or an intuitive

the idea was the creation of post cards and T shirt images for the caribbean. dready was conceived as art on a shirt … art that represented a caribbean or west indian cliche in a humorous way … something that would make tourists smile and want to take one home.
the image on the left was called Bashment. I first formally drew Bashment in feb 1998 and called it ‘dready jam’ … I love the character 3rd from left and the way ‘she’ is standing …
it’s funny how much ’emotion’ you can convey in a stick figure just by a tilt of the head or the position of an arm.
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