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dready up strawberry hill ...

Posted on April 06, 2016 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                          dready art 'the old baller/strawberry hill hotel' - 44x14 - image

sometimes, after a day spent in the heat and grind of kingston, on some work trip or another, i might try and find my ass up the winding road to the cool seclusion of strawberry hill hotel - is a trip, but every bend, every bump, every steep corner has its worth the minute you sit on that verandah and look out.

a drink in the comfortable bar, a game of backgammon with a friend in the library, a cup of coffee on the deck, food ... i like the place is all i trying to say.

and when evening comes and kingston glitters below, like it's a little piece of heaven ...

there's an nice history to the place, time in good hands, old old roots as a plantation, time as a place for afternoon tea, a retreat for chris blackwell ... gold records on the wall ...

and a vibe, a nice nice vibe.

peace ...

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