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dready melody's sky ...

Posted on April 27, 2016 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                    dready art's 'Melody's Sky' - 24x24 - image

the simplicity of white snow and blue sky is something that reaaaally appeals to me ... it appeals to the dready sensibility ...

I first saw snow when I was 9 ish, I think; we went on a holiday to canada where an aunt and uncle had moved to from jamaica; the back side of mt. tolmie in victoria bc ...

don't let me mislead you, mt tolmie is a volcanic plug about 400 ft high but it was covered in snow!!!

i've done 3 versions of this ... 'cause ya know every dready is supposed to have some red, yellow and green in it, rasta colours, right! so this guy has a red jacket, the next one the jacket is yellow, next is green ... see what I mean.


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