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Posted on May 28, 2016 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                               dready s 'de jerk spot.' - 20x30 - image

jerk's a big thing in my world ... outside of jamaica (and even sometimes in Jamaica) it's most frequently encountered as 'pan chicken', cooked on an old oil drum cut in half and turned into a bbq, using coal - this is really smoked chicken/pork with jerk seasoning

jerk jerk is smoked over green pimento stick or green sweet stick above a fire ... and so yes it's still smoked, but the stick sweats out a flavour that it ads to the process and so proper jerk is slightly different ... not gonna say is better but is different.

I like jerk, after a few weeks if I haven't had some I want some, there's some good jerk around cayman, pass it and the wafting scent of it makes you hungry ... but still the minute I touch down in Jamaica I wanna search out a scotchies to eat some good and proper jerk

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