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Posted on March 03, 2014 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

having just finished the art above, polo girl 3, i was having a chat, last friday night out at dinner, with a doood i've known for a long while.

He was discussing with me the purity of dreadyness ... and he, being a brandmeister, was dismayed that i hadn't completely stuck with the original essence of 'dready' which he felt had an authenticity to it and that some of the newer work was sometimes incongruous and often cold ...

you see when i first started this idea, dready was a character, in caribbean cliche scenes, very rustic, very faux primitive, designed for post cards and t shirts to tourists. as tourism failed so that vision of dready needed to evolve or fail with it.

and that evolution came in the form of art commissions and the things that people wanted to portray that couldn't be done with dready as he didn't fit ... so not that he died, he stayed within the realm of his corner of the art and the name, dready, became instead, my name, my signature on the art.

the art then became a revolution in itself and my want to portray things outside of the realm of 'dready'; to be an artist, while being cognizant, one, that I wanted to stay true to the idea of the inherent simplicity of dready and two, the forms that the art had been designed to take and that I didn't not want to do dready, i did, but I wanted him to be part of a bigger thing.

I wanted him to find his place in a group of art by the artist dready.

so what i've ended up selling, rather than a character in a particular style, to a false economy of people beyond my control, is an artist, who does a certain style of art in a much stronger and broader market, which I can control ...

something of which dready will always be a part.


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