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working the room

Posted on March 14, 2014 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                                                                                             photo courtesy of  Suki Macdonld

last night was the launch of a dready art show at Round Hill hotel.

very cool for me because i've exhibited in many places but never back at home in jamaica.

it was a double whammy of an evening, actually, because at the exact same time as i was exhibiting in jamaica i was, back in cayman, being inducted into the national collection of the national gallery of the cayman islands.

round hill is lovely; in olden days, when i was more yute-ish, mummy was close with the manager - a lovely man named john terry - and we'd go there on weekends to see JT and hang out and t'ing.

round hill was started by john pringle - pringle was 1st cousin to my godfather and they'd grown up in the same house - and especially late in his life i spent some really nice time with pringle in cayman - oddly, his was also a funeral that i'll well remember and perhaps the only funeral i've ever been invited to.

so anyhow, nice nice to be there hanging out and being hung with - i felt really loved by a lot of people; by friends and family and guests of the hotel.

big love

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