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dready 1956 BMW Isetta ...

Posted on April 29, 2014 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

some of the keys to dready art are its whimsy and its simplicity ...

if you looking for whimsy and you want to draw a bmw, then an isetta is the bmw you want to draw.

i followed my grandparents to victoria, bc, canada, when they moved from jamaica looking for a place to live ... and down the road from their house, in cadboro bay, stacey and i came across a man who fixed up old cars.

he always had some cool things working on ... first place i saw a 1960's honda 2000 ...

it was right there in that driveway that a little underlying fascination started to grip this yute 'bout old cyar.

anyhow, man said 'would you draw a bmw?' ...

peace and love.
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