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dready cottage in the cotswolds ...

Posted on June 05, 2014 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

this is a new new thing ... this is the first commission by someone out of the normal course of things out of the normal loop, someone removed from the sphere of influence; this is 3rd party art, word of mouth art.

this is cool art.

the cotswolds is one of those fantasy holiday areas; it is in the west of england, close to wales, it is full of quaint cottages and lakes and streams and rivers and rolling hills, often bucolic and certainly beautiful ...

like the dready art itself though, this is a modern cottage.

i went to boarding school, for a time just beyond the cotswolds in the malvern hills ... beautiful now, then in was the anathema of a little west indian yute ... hate is probably too strong a word actually; I hated going, but once settled in, life at school was actually pretty cool, the malvern hills were full of adventure for boys and school was never arduous - good food, nice boys, sports, games, first in the bracken, walks in the hills ...

i like the mallard entering the scene from the right, the boat at the shore ... hidden in the picture is a dready chicken because I couldn't find a suitable place for a touch of the west indies/caribbean; I'd thought of naming the boat in red yellow and green, but it didn't fit nicely.

funny the things that go into a piece of art, we actually had a discussion about how the sunglasses were to sit on the father's head ... I liked them sitting on top, not over his eyes and someone suggested that this was more open, engaged; the process of getting to the end of a commission is very cool indeed.

walk good!

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