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against type …

Posted on October 22, 2014 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                dready art e-type jag - 40x10 limited edition print

my father drove an e-type, red like this one, but convertible - i prefer the styling of the coupe; it could be  the best looking car ever built, could be, but either way you see it, it's a damn sexy looking beast.

my sister tells me that she has bad memories of my father's e-type, i have none - by the time my recollections come along he's driving a buick skylark convertible - which, looking back, seems as out of place in Jamaica as the e-type does; this was a time of morris' and triumphs and vauxhalls and land rovers.

anyhow, is not why i drew the car - it is emblematic … as is the goat! … is a thing of a time and place and playing with that time and place in a setting that ain't 1963.

i'd actually been thinking of a school they'd sent me to, in a far away and cold land, against the malvern hills, as a small small bwoy, when i drew this - i'd been going to include a silhouette of the school, but instead is just the line of hills - and a pair of parents, that i recall, through the haze of intervening history, pulling up in their e-type to take their son out on exeat.

the art is long and thin, like the car, leaving a lot of open space for that bonnet to go toward - i feel like i've been drawing a lot of cars lately, but when I get to the counting, there are actually only 7 cars in the last 30 something posts - so ya know, not really ...

history … his story!
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