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dready's summer movements …

Posted on October 29, 2014 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                    dready art canal boat 24x16

at the confluence of the forth-clyde canals, at a place called falkirk, in scotland, stand two massive stainless steel horse head sculptures, the kelpies … they are absolutely, completely amazing.

simpler things, equally beautiful, sit on the canal, equally cool ...

it was raining, little misting rain; we were on our way from perthshire to edinburgh; i was wondering if this would be the last summer together with the children, they getting big now, going their own ways - at least emotionally - wanting to do their own things.

it was a moment …

and in that moment this boat, against the far bank, caught my imagination … and metaphorically, at least now, looking back at it, it suits the moment - this idea of potentially setting sail.


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