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the elegant angler ...

Posted on January 05, 2015 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                        the elegant angler - 18x20 original commission

i don't really fish (although dready probably does), is not my thing too much - but i've spent some nice days with ricky sucking on diesel fumes off falmouth, looking for tuna, lovely, fishless days bobbing up and down, with grandpa and uncle ed, between the san juan islands wondering when I could start to eat the sandwiches …

i have better memories of fishing in streams with stacey, of casting off the rocks with max in cayman and as a bwoy dropping line at morgan's harbour … sea just takes too long!

but she, she likes to fish and her parents wanted to show her, on the back of the boat, catching mahi mahi … so, here she is, fishing, in a really nice dress and a pair of dior dark-glasses, 'cause i wanted to show the two sides of a woman who is at home with a fish as she is in a really elegant dress.

tranquility ...

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