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dready and the ritz carlton ...

Posted on December 21, 2015 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                      dready ritz carlton 10th anniversary panorama - 44x14 and 11x4 on canvas

10 years doesn't seem like a very long time in the big scheme of thing,s but it's long enough for a place, like the ritz, to become a part of the landscape of life, emotion and memory ...

in the 7 foot long dready cayman panorama called, 'things that exist only in my fading memory', the old holiday inn sits in the spot the ritz would now occupy - it's a piece of art about good memories, about the things that meant something to your youth, helped form you - the ritz makes up a new phase of good memories, something my children will recall when they grow old enough to be sentimental.

the very first show that dready art was in was a group show in the ritz's 'walking gallery' - every 4 months or so, the shows, the art in the gallery revolves, with some anchor artists; dready has had the good fortune to be one of those anchor artists ...

and so for me it was a delight to be asked to do this drawing for 10th anniversary gift.

the ritz is cool - it's an awesome welcoming space; friendly, convivial, open, inclusionary ... full of good food and fun, of interesting nooks and crannies, shops and activities ... bless the memories of the times i've already had there.

big up!

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